Executive Chef Sid Ahuja on Diwali Traditions

Sid Ahuja’s favourite part of Diwali back home is how “flowers and diyas dress the streets, fairy lights are strung across balconies,” and, he adds, “the firecrackers. I’m still a big kid at heart”. Sid speaks fondly about the festivity in the air through the season, with parties that continue long into the night, card games and “tonnes of sweets”.

To reflect just how special the time of year is, Sid has created a Raj Kachori for his Diwali Feasting Menu. This elaborate street food, he says, is “not an everyday affair”. The shell is deep fried so that it puffs into a small balloon then filled to the brim with lentil dumplings, sprouting moong and beetroot and dressed with sweet yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutney.

With sweets forming such an integral part of the festival, Sid has also paid careful attention to dessert: a rich Chocolate Mawa Cake made using sweet khoya that he describes as “chocolate burfi in cake form”.

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