Darshan Gore, Restaurant Manager at Gymkhana

The People That Make Us

Over on the JKS Restaurants Instagram, we’ve been spotlighting those talented people who make JKS what it is today. One of them is our own Restaurant Manager, Darshan Gore.

Darshan Gore’s parents originally talked him out of pursuing a career in hospitality. At the time, the industry in Mumbai was struggling, close relatives had lost their jobs, so instead he undertook a degree in Commerce.

But things changed in 2009 when Darshan came to Liverpool to do a Masters in Corporate Finance and got a job at the Sultan’s Palace in the heart of the city. He saw his chance and decided to pursue his dream career.

Next stop: London’s revered Veeraswamy, and from there it was a quick hop to Michelin-starred Gymkhana, where he’s now worked seven years, rising from waiter all the way up to Restaurant Manager. Along the way, he’s learned so much “as a person and a manager”, not least the art of diplomacy.

On a typical day he looks after staff, plans rotas, checks everything they need is available, cashes up, orders tableware and more. “It definitely helps your cv” to work in a Michelin-calibre restaurant, he says.

It’s challenging maintaining the standards of luxury and service day in and day out, but that, and the constant stream of new people to meet, motivates and energises him. To see customers smiling and appreciating the experience is deeply satisfying to Darshan and all his team.

JKS is like a family, he says, not like other corporate jobs. You’re valued not just as a waiter or manager, but beyond that as well: supported with training, pushed to grow, and listened to.

Although he’s in the restaurant 40-50 hours a week, outside work he likes to gather friends and visit other venues, always looking to see whether there’s anything to learn, what might be introduced, and how to do things better.

A great perk of working for JKS is the opportunity to visit other restaurants in the group at discount, and he’s particularly fond of Berenjak – one of the places he also had the opportunity to work in 2019 when Gymkhana was temporarily closed due to fire.

Conclusion? He certainly enjoys the all-hands-on-deck vibe of smaller venues but, in terms of the future, thinks he’d prefer to aim for a General Manager’s role somewhere sizeable. Sorry Mumbai, but he’s a Mayfair boy at heart!

Downtime? He literally puts his feet up and rests for the day

Regular table? Anywhere with friends, but Nando’s chicken livers get a special mention

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